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YJK-48 Specification

Warranty for 3 Years
ISO, CE & TUV approved

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YONG-FENG YJK-48 pipe crimping machines are specially used for crimping construction steel pipes (48). The crimper is built using a Rexroth hydraulic unit design. The separated design allows the crimper to move easier, and makes the equipment efficient and stable.


Crimp head material FORGE STEEL
Crimp range 48mm/57mm
System pressure 31.5Mpa
Crimp force 1750kN
Drive 4kw
Standard voltage Customized
Control Full automatic
Standard dies 2 sets
Weight 200kg
L x W x H 600*480*670mm


*The YONG-FENG YJK-48 pipe crimping machine eases the impact of rust and cement on steel pipes.

*The positioning device prevents problems from arising due to the different reducing diameters in steel and iron tubes.

*According to client requirements, directional movement functions can be added to the crimp head.

*The separated design allows for convenient transportation.

*The spring loss is improved and the spring deformation and malfunction are reduced.

*Customized dies are available.


1) The oil cylinder cover, oil tank and piston rod are made of 40 chromium, with a surface hardness of HRC26-30 and an operation layer hardness of HRC59-63. The hardened layer is 2mm thick. The 40 chromium is high pressure resistant and tear resistant with a great impact absorbing and carrying capacity.

2) Our crimping dies are connected through magnetism, which make it convenient for assembly and disassembly. The magnetic connection allows for automatic positioning, and the crimping is neat and nice. The dies are made of Cr12 die steel. (Cr12 die steel is a classic alloy tool steel.)

3) Operation

The oil pump is immersed in the hydraulic oil inside the oil tank for cooling and silence. The oil pump is driven using electric motor and the hydraulic oil is pumped out and pushed using the plunger in the oil tank. As a result, the die set compresses in a radial direction and crimps the hose connector. When the compression amount reaches the predetermined value, the compression will automatically stop. The magnetic reversing valve then switches direction and the plunger moves backwards. As a result, the die set expands and the hose crimping process is finished.


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