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Ambi-Buddy is Web-Wing for Ambidextrous Solutions Pte Ltd which was incorporated in 2021 at Singapore with an ambition to Provide and Market Solutions which are Futuristic, Innovative and the Products that makes improvement in overall Operational Management.
Ambi-Buddy offers Range of Engineering and Innovative Components from Hydraulics to Bobbleheads. We are striving every day and trying to improve continuously with Products and Services we are offering. Our Focus is to Diversify in every Possible Sector where Innovation exists with infinite boundaries whether it’s a Handmade artwork or Precision Engineering, a Robot or a Mechanical Tool we are expanding all the time.



Ambi-Buddy is a Startup Store where Engineering meets Creativity to the limit of Infinity.


To be the Most Economical and Effective Medium Between a Consumer and Innovation


To Strive and engage in Selling, Developing and Researching for Innovative Products and Services.

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