Filipino Wedding Practices

Typical Filipino marriage traditions incorporate a feast of lechon and rice, the cutting in the wedding cake, and the first dance. This type of marriage is a large and decorative celebration that reminds family and friends for the sanctity of marriage.

Filipinos feel that a marriage is a union between two families. These customs happen to be followed in several form by simply most Filipinos today. The wedding is usually a great opportunity for loved ones to meet up.

The marriage starts with a meeting of the families of the wedding couple. This helps steer clear of awkwardness on the wedding day. It also shows value to the father and mother of the newlyweds.

The assembly of the two families is a Filipino marriage tradition that is very important. It creates a connection between the couple’s families that may last long after the wedding.

The bride and groom don traditional Philippine apparel. Their clothing is made from regional materials. The bride would wear a bright white gown inspired by national international dating for filipina women halloween costume, while the groom dons a barong tagalog, a sheer cloth top made of indigenous materials.

Filipino marriage ceremony customs also involve the giving of presents. Cash gift ideas are presented to the couple to hope them happiness and wealth in their matrimony. Some gift items are planting pots and food preparation utensils.

Some traditions include the saying on the yugal, a white cable that signifies the eternal bond between your couple. The cord is wrapped throughout the couple and is held in a physique eight form.

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